Thursday, October 13, 2011

Measuring self worth

We often try to determine our own self worth by associating with some trait, skill, or talent that we have. Some people even measure their self worth by certain possessions that they have such as money, a house, or a vehicle.

This is dangerous for a number of reasons.

When we allow our self worth to be determined by something outwardly measurable like this our self worth is under constant threat and is completely at the mercy of others.

If we measure our self worth by our appearance and someone looks better than we do-- we suddenly have less worth and become insecure.

Insecurity leads to a host of other problems.

What then can we measure our self worth by so that we will not feel perpetually threatened by others and become increasingly insecure?

Try to choose something that is not easily comparable to other people or that is not observable.

I chose to measure my self worth by how hard I try to do what I know is right.

No one has any idea how hard I am trying, and I have no idea how hard anyone else is trying so I cannot compare my self esteem to anyone. And anytime I want to get more self esteem- I try harder and consequently feel better about myself.

Try it.

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